Extensions and tarpaulins on smaller vehicles on smaller vehicles
Tarpaulin hoops are the substructure, which carries the tarpaulin, and they are mounted on the cargo area. They are made of painted steel tubes and the filling in the roof area of the hoops is made of galvanized pipes.
As a standard we produce two types of tarpaulin hoops: fixed and folding. Fix tarpaulin hoops are welded into one unit. Using the screws we can secure it in the cargo area, and if necessary, it can be dismounted by releasing the screws. Folding tarpaulin hoops are constitued of several parts. Bars, lateral pipes and roof structure are separate parts. For side hoops we use wooden or aluminum rods. Depending on the height of tarpaulin hoops, we install 1,2 or 3 rows of bars. Fix tarpaulin hoops can be fabricated flat (flush with the aluminum sides of the cargo area) or angular (in line with the angle of the line of vehicle cabin). Angular tarpaulin hoops are common for shorter cargo areas, if the upper height of the tarpaulin hoops is at the same level with the top of the cabin.
Available are over 40 standard colors with additional posobility of printing in full color with protective lamination.
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